Frequently Asked Questions

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How does the multichannel platform work ?

Donors can give by SMS or Facebook Messenger. Handle all that in one place. Simple!

Are donations processed/received instantly ?

All donations are processed instantly and you get donations in the bank weekly.

Where can we find our text-to-give number ?

You get an admin dashboard along with registration. Your text-to-give number is easily found along with every other channel you employ.

Will donors need an active Wi-Fi connection to give ?

With the SMS channel, the ONLY time donors will need WiFi is during setup! After that, donations will be done offline.

How long does the signup/setup take during events ?

A one-time signup process is all your donors need when giving by text. It is a 3 minute process that allows them to never have to pull out a credit card ever again!

Do I need a separate account to manage donations ?

Absolutely not! All management and reporting can be done under the same account created at signup.

Can Kweeve be customized to match our brand ? (Colors, logo, existing, software, etc)

Brand customization is one of the many things we will be rolling out in the near future, so stay tuned!


Allow your members to donate quickly and easily with our suite of channels