The fastest and easiest way to accept donations! Kweeve makes it simple and convenient for your donors to give by text or facebook messenger.

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All the features you need

It is not hard to see how we make giving easy.

Easy and Simple

The fastest and most convenient way to give. Donors can give in under 15 seconds from their phone.

Fund Designation

Customize giving funds to different causes, or purposes like: General Fund, Missions, etc.

Instant Receipts

Donors instantly receive email receipts with details about their donation.

Detail Analytics

Get details of all transactions. Access and export your data into your management system.

Super Affordable

With plans starting at just $15 a month, you can start using Kweeve without breaking the bank.

Safe and Secure

All cardholder data is transmitted securely and card numbers are never stored.

Giving History

Users have access to all their giving history for easy accounting.

No Contracts

We will never tie you down. You can always cancel if you decide Kweeve is not right for you.

  • $ 0

  • Unlimited transactions
  • Full transaction reports
  • 3.99% + 30c transaction fee
  • Re-occuring giving

Easy giving means easy pricing!

About Kweeve
Kweeve exists to provide you with modern tools and analytics to take fundraising to the next level and also to make your donor's life easy and seamless by simply sending a message to donate.
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